Past projects

“Sometimes in the past we’ve reacted to environmental violations and environmental problems after the resource has been destroyed,” Reisig said. “We want to stay ahead of the game and have a fund to file a restraining order to keep a bulldozer out of the bay, for example, at Cherry Tree Inn.” Reisig hopes to collect $50,000 to $100,000 for a recently created program to pay for legal costs and help support NMEAC and other area environmental groups.

We are worked to Protect a Precious and Vital Wetland Near Interlochen
This was a pending development that threatened water quality in the Little Betsie River watershed. We are currently working to raise awareness and generate funds for a legal action by Interlochen and Green Lake residents in response to this development plan, which includes filling a sensitive wetland area, building a road, and extensive dredging and filling close to the Little Betsie River, between Diamond Park Rd. and M-137.

Donations will be taken for the NMEAC Environmental Legacy fund, which is financing legal action to help fight this development.

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