Our Board

Ann Rogers – Co-Chair
Greg Reisig – Co-Chair
June Thaden – Secretary
John Nelson – Treasurer
Linda Dunigan
Bill Hansen
John McDonald
Cathie Cline
Barb Schneider
David Petrove
Bill Scharf
Charlie Weaver
Susan Wheadon
Bob Marshall – Emeritus
Ken Smith – Emeritus






Greg Reisig – Co-Chair

Greg Reisig helped form Fen’s Rim Publications in 1990. The small Elk Rapids-based company published The Lake Country Gazette from 1990-2000. As editor and assistant publisher he wrote over 200 stories about northern Michigan most of them based on conservation/environmental work, land use and water quality in the region.

He was a founding board member of The Watershed Center and served from 1994-2004 on the board of the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy. Beginning in 2001 Greg tracked two major wetland violations close to Grand Traverse Bay by developer Bill Clous. He worked to create greater community awareness of these violations and developed continuing communications with both the Department of Environmental Quality and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers urging them to enforce both state and federal wetland laws at both sites. In July of 2001 he was responsible for bringing both Congressman Bart Stupak and Governor-elect Jennifer Granholm to view wetland violations at the Elk Rapids Preserve development site.

Prior to 1990, Greg taught English and Communications at a suburban Chicago high school for twenty years. He has been a member of NMEAC since the 1980s.

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William Hansen

Bill Hansen is retired and lives with his wife near Williamsburg. He has been a Michigan resident for over 35 years and chose to retire here to pursue a lifelong interest and love of the natural environment. He received a Masters degree from the School of Natural Resources at the University of Michigan with an emphasis on Environmental Education.

Soon after receiving his degree he became Executive Director of an environmental education center in the Lansing area where he served for 12 years.

His background also includes a BA degree in psychology and religion as well as an advanced degree in theology and ten years of employment in a hospital psychiatric unit.

Since moving to the Grand Traverse region eleven years ago, Bill has found NMEAC to be one of the most effective voices for fostering the preservation of the natural ecosystems of northern Michigan so the negative impact of growth and development can be minimized.

Bill is a volunteer instructor on the Inland Seas Education Association’s schooner schoolships and has crewed on the schooner Madeline of the Maritime Heritage Association.

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John Nelson

John grew up in Traverse City. His roots are five generations deep in the Leelanau County region. John graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and served five years of active duty and 15 years in the Naval Air Reserve to retire as a Commander in 1986. John received a Masters in Science Education from the University of Michigan in 1971. He taught in the public schools of South Portland, Maine for 28 years, retiring in 1997.

While living in Maine for thirty years, he raised a very special daughter with his wife Lynne.

John served the community of Freeport, Maine for seventeen years as a local elected official. He served on the school board for three terms, chairing the board for two years. He was elected to the Town Council for three terms and chaired the Council for two years. The Greater Portland Council of Governments honored him in 1993 as the region’s citizen of the year. John served on the Governor’s Regional Transportation Advisory Council in Maine from 1992 to 1996.

John returned to Traverse City in 1997 to live with his wife Lynne. He is very involved in local civil issues. He serves on the Garfield Township Planning Commission, sits on the Boards of Directors for The Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay and the Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council. John is also the chair of the Coalition for Sensible Growth. Lastly, John has served as the Grand Traverse Baykeeper since January 2001. He is presently a trained and certified mediator with the Conflict Resolution Service of Traverse City.

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Ann Rogers 

Ann is a mother, grandmother, teacher, and former Traverse City Commissioner. She is a board member of NMAIL (Northern Michigan Alliance for Independent Living) and has been a Member of NMEAC for 20 years, board member since 1997.

Ann is a life-long lover of the environment and is active in the relocalization movement in NW Michigan. She is passionate about the environment and shares her vast knowledge openly with all who will listen.

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June ThadenJune ThadenProfile forthcoming.

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Linda Dunigan Linda grew up in Traverse City and is both delighted and dismayed by the environmental changes since. She graduated from Traverse City Senior High School, Northwestern Michigan College, and Northern Michigan University with a BS in Criminal Justice. Her background includes working for several social services agencies in the area, and she was juvenile probation officer/court administator in Leelanau County and director of a domestic violence shelter in Alpena, MI. She retired as a private court and divorce mediator. Long involved with peace and justice issues and groups, she previously served on the Traverse City Human Rights Commission and as board president for Conflict Resolution Services.

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Susan Wheadon 

First and foremost Susan Wheadon sees herself as a grandmother who is very concerned about how the continuous damage done to the environment will harm her grandchildren and generations to come. She would like them to have clean air and water and access to all that is beautiful about the planet. Susan feels a personal responsibility to do what she can to make a difference.

Growing up near the Love Canal and in an area where nuclear waste has impacted her hometown has made her more aware of this responsibility.

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John McDonald Profile forthcoming.

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Cathie Cline Profile forthcoming.

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Barb Schneider Profile forthcoming.

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David Petrove Profile forthcoming.

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Bill Scharf

Bill Scharf taught biological and conservation sciences at NMC from 1964-1991. Since retirement he has been faculty at the University of Nebraska, Western Maryland College, and LSSU in Sault Ste Marie. He has written more than 80 peer reviewed publications on ecological and natural history subjects. He was a Board member of NMEAC in the mid 80s, consulted with hydro-electric dam operators in Nebraska, was a consultant to the Boardman River Dams Committee, and chained himself to a tree to protest NMC building placement.

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Charlie Weaver Profile forthcoming.

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Ken Smith – Emeritus 

Ken has been on the NMEAC board since 1986. He served as NMEAC chair from 1989 to 1992, then again from 1995 to 2003. He currently serves as NMEAC’s Executive Director on a volunteer basis. In 1996 he helped to found the Coalition for Sensible Growth, which has mobilized more than 600 businesses, town planners, local officials, community groups and grassroots environmental activists to combat urban sprawl and build stronger communities in the Grand Traverse region.

A former senior engineer for General Motors, Ken is president and CEO of The Resource for Great Programs, Inc., a national consulting firm dedicated to providing strategic support to networks of community based organizations working in arenas having great impact on our society. He holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Engineering and a Ph.D. in Urban, Technological and Environmental Planning from the University of Michigan.

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Bob Marshall – Emeritus

Bob has been a member of NMEAC for about ten years, a Board Member for about four years, and is presently Secretary. He is a resident of Leelanau County and a member of the County Board of Canvassers. He is a member of the MLUI Leelanau Coalition interested in orderly development of Leelanau County.

He is a retired Medical Engineer from the University of Michigan Departments of Neurology, Electroencephalography and Psychiatry working in signal processing and instrumentation related to epilepsy and analysis of subliminal cognitive functions.

With the Willow Run Labs and the Environmental Research Institute of Michigan, he was a Research Engineer involved in the development of remote sensing and processing of aircraft and spacecraft multispectral data for applications in agriculture, geology, hydrology and land use planning. In this activity, he collaborated with various local, state and federal departments to apply processing techniques to recognize and map crops, crop conditions, species in National Parks, aquatic conditions related to wildfowl nesting and subsurface hydrological conditions.

He is the author or co-author of two books and a number of articles, as well as holding three patents in the above fields.

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