October 6 | Mayor of Grand Rapids on Clean Energy

George Heartwell on Clean EnergyGeorge Heartwell will be speaking about clean energy on October 6 at 7 pm at the Central United Methodist Church.

Former Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell is coming to Traverse City to share his experiences at the Paris climate talks and to discuss how cities can take local action in the fight against global climate change.

Early in his tenure as Grand Rapids mayor, Heartwell saw the threat of climate change to his community and began working to mitigate climate impacts and to create a city infrastructure that will be resilient to those impacts. During his 12 years as mayor, Heartwell led the city to set a 100% renewable energy goal—the first in Michigan—and significantly reduce its carbon footprint through a variety of other measures.

The discussion will feature an introduction from Traverse City Mayor Jim Carruthers, as well as a closing panel discussion with Heartwell and local leaders.

The discussion is co-hosted with the Michigan Climate Action Network, TC350, Michigan Environmental Council, SEEDS, Michigan League of Conservation Voters, LIAA, NMEAC, and Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

Sponsored by Oryana Community Co-op, and Central United Methodist Church’s Creation Stewards Ministry.

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