Can you help us before April 7 (midnight) please?

Moosejaw x Patagonia

Challenge Thing!

Ends on Thursday, April 7th, before midnight…

We may be a small, all volunteer group, but NMEAC does have a powerful super hero, the Environmental Legacy Fund!  With the revolving Legacy Fund we can help community groups improve their local environmental challenges, and then replenish the Fund for the next challenge.

Join us!  Please, help grow the NMEAC Environmental Legacy Fund.  Click here to make any donation, no matter how big or small!

And then tell your friends  about the challenge so they can go to

Be an amazing superhero in the next four days!! — the Challenge ends this Thursday, April 7, before midnight. Let’s get moving.
Click here now! Please…
Help the Legacy Fund to meet the next environmental challenge!

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